La Pétanque Wine List

La Pétanque opened its doors in December 2006.

On the opening day the number of wines offered was less than thirty. We’ve now stopped counting the number of references available as it has no longer any meaning in favor of focusing in quality and character.

The primary purpose of our wine list is to offer our guests a selection of wine that we hope will be best suited for the dishes they are about to discover.

We are privileged to be in the centre of the most interesting and fast changing wine region in Australia. Twenty five years ago, the Peninsula was an orchard with only two wineries starting to plant grapes. Now most of the orchards have been replaced by vines.

With over 100 boutique wineries, the Mornington Peninsula is becoming the reference for cool climate wines. The terroir is diversified, the vines have now matured, the wine makers have learnt and are recognized for producing some of the most elegant and restrained cool climate wines in Australia.

The Mornington Peninsula is now making their mark, not only with cool climate varietals such as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, but also with Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc and even Shiraz.

Our secondary interest is what the French call ‘the terroir’. The terroir is the ‘Soil’, the identity, the geological characteristic of a particular piece of land in a specific region.

The wine you are drinking is the result of a combination of components, the varietal and age of the grapes on a specific terroir, the climate, the amount or absence of rain that year, the position and the inclination to the sun together with a little bit of help from the viticulturist and the wine maker.

Our third interest but not the last is simply the enjoyment that a glass of wine will give you. Our wine list is always changing, giving you the opportunity to discover or rediscover wines that will give you that sensation.

Philippe Marquet
Head Sommelier